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JSC PA Conti
JSC PA Conti


"Conti group is among the top three producers of confectionery in Ukraine.

This position has been achieved through use of modern equipment, enforcement of production technologies, certification of production processes in accordance with international quality and food safety standards as well as commitment to use only high quality raw materials in production of Conti confectionery.

Egg processing plant Ovostar, a subsidiary of Ovostar Union Group, has been our loyal and reliable partner since 2007. In the manufacturing process, Conti uses ingredients of highest quality, among them pasteurized egg products of OvostarTM. This is the reason our biscuits are so delicious!

Physical and chemical properties of OvostarTM liquid pasteurized whole egg are identical to the ones of eggs in shell. This is a guarantee of quality and healthiness of this ingredient. One of the factors worth mentioning is that production control on egg processing plant Ovostar has been confirmed by the international systems of food management and quality ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP).

Since Conti’s produce is presented not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders, the advantage of OvostarTM egg products over other manufacturers is in their certification in accordance with Halal standards (in accordance with the requirements of Islam) and Kosher standards (in accordance with the requirements of Judaism)."


The manager of procurement department of JSC JSC PA Conti
A. Dimitrenko