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PrJSC Confectionery Lagoda
PrJSC "Confectionery "Lagoda"

«For many years, we use only egg products of TM "Ovostar." we trust the company and its products.

Firstly, because it's been years of joint cooperation. We work with "Ovostar" since 2008. Perhaps in the historical scale it is a little time, but enough for knowing a professional attitude to the company and its products.

Secondly, we focus on working with companies that carefully control the quality of products at every stage of production. For example, ISO, Kosher, Halal, which certified production plant "Ovostar" - it's not a simple sound, it`s strict rules and standards that must be met without exception always.

Third, we choose a partner you can rely on in all matters. I worry about the quality and timeliness of delivery of products that partner, which means that our own production process takes place according to the planned schedule, the products will be of consistent quality and great taste»

CEO of PrJSC "Confectionery "Lagoda"
Denis Krivovyaz