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Zhako Ltd.The first zephyr’s factory
Zhako Ltd.The first zephyr’s factory

Since 2004 Zhako Ltd sells high quality products under the brand name Zhako. The first zephyr’s factoryTM. Over the years, marshmallows under Zhako brand have become among confectionery products the industry benchmark of healthy nutrition. We were able to achieve high quality of our marshmallows through long-term efforts of our technologists, engineers, confectioners as well as the use of raw materials from leading manufacturers. We highly appreciate our partner Ovostar which has been our reliable supplier of liquid egg products - egg white and liquid whole egg since 2007.

Egg white is one of the main ingredients in the marshmallow recipe. High quality egg white of OvostarTM is certainly a necessary ingredient for premium quality Zhako marshmallows that also contain such a natural and valuable ingredient as agar-agar which is an alternative to the animal-based gelatin. That is why we are particularly impressed by the fact that Ovostar Union does not include animal-based protein in the poultry fodder. Thus, egg products produced under the OvostarTM are pure and natural, which is confirmed by Halal and Kosher certificates.
With great honor we notify that our companies presented new priorities for Ukrainian consumers such as consumption of high-quality, healthy and eco-friendly products. This was achieved by using progressive approach to production and the most up-to-date technologies as well as respecting our consumers.
Commercial Director
Rimsha O. K.